Eric Kow

Bonjour! I’m a (ex)-Haskell programmer based in Toulouse, France. I’m currently working as a research engineer for some lovely people in the the STAC project (IRIT, Toulouse).

I’m enjoying my postdoc very much, despite the Python; however, you might be able to coax me into some freelancing if you say the magic H word. I’m at my best when making interesting software for nice people, free software in the ideal case. I also have a background in natural language generation, but have done work in several other areas. Please if you’re interested in help from a nostalgic Haskeller!

I am a fan (and fairly inactive maintainer) of the Darcs revision control system. I also hope to encourage NLP people to use more Haskell.

My past lives have involved freelancing with Computational Linguistics Ltd and Well-Typed, various postdocs with the University of Brighton Natural Language Technology and Visual Modelling groups, and a PhD with the TALARIS project in the LORIA.


concept diagram prototype (2014-07-08)
Wrapping up my work on the VMG concept diagram based ontology editor prototype
antfarm (2012-08-15)
Referring expression generation in dictionary definitions (GitHub page, announcement)
GenI 0.22 (2012-04-22)
A Natural Language Generator (surface realiser, to be more precise), a long overdue update. (homepage, announcement)