Eric Kow

Hi! I’m a Haskell programmer based in Brighton, England. I am currently engaged to do software development for Computational Linguistics Ltd and for the STAC project at IRIT.

I am available for freelance work on a half-time basis starting in April 2013. I like to make interesting software, and also to do a bit of writing to help other programmers learn new ideas. I prefer working on free software whenever possible, and have a background in natural language generation; but I am flexible on the first front and eager to expand my horizons on the second.

I am a fan (and fairly inactive maintainer) of the Darcs revision control system. I also hope to encourage NLP people to use more Haskell.

In a past life, I was a research fellow in the NLTG group (University of Brighton), where I worked on the PRODIGY, Generation Challenges, and 3D-Coform. I also used to work in LORIA with the TALARIS project.


antfarm (2012-08-15)
Referring expression generation in dictionary definitions (GitHub page, announcement)
GenI 0.22 (2012-04-22)
A Natural Language Generator (surface realiser, to be more precise), a long overdue update. (homepage, announcement)
brillig 0.3 (2011-09-03)
Almost a Brill-tagger implementation (announcement, Hackage)